Rapid Game Development Model

In August 2020, I propose The Rapid Game Development (RGD) model that is created based my experience in game development field for the last ten years. In my model, RGD is comprises 3 main phase, namely Pre-Production, Production and Product Launch. 

A. Pre-Production

Pre-Production phase contain Quick Ideation activity that will create a concept/design that will be used into next activity.

B. Production

Production phase contain Prefabrication Development, Blueprint Integration and Prototype Testing activity. The output of this Activity will be used into next activity.

C. Product-Launch

Production Launch phase contain Beta Version release and Final Version release. 

This RGD model is not yet finish, but it still can be used for research and development purpose. 
Generally, I still need more research to make it complete. In a near future, I will send it to some International Journal like I did before to my Game Mechanic Framework: Zetcil. 

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