Rickman Roedavan is the best seller author Unity and Construct2 Game Engine Tutorial. His first debut is as a fantasy fiction writer in the Fantasy Fiesta event in 2011 and managed to qualify as one of the Fantasy Fiesta anthologies with a story entitled "Mystery of Goudian Island". Rickman Roedavan was also an anthology writer and finalist in the Ufuk-Arassi fantasy fiction competition through the short stories "Jack and Unicorn" and Vandaria Crystallization.

In 2012, the Popular Gramedia Library was interested in publishing the story of Kiky Si Kancil as a children's trilogy novel. Unfortunately, the project was cut off due to a number of technical things, especially regarding the concept of a hero carried but in the form of an animal. The initial draft series Kiky Si Kancil was later used as a serial short story which was published regularly at Bobo Online in 2014. In the same year, he wrote the book computer Unity Tutorial Game Engine with Kiky the Kancil as its main mascot and anthology of Everna Saga.

In 2016, the brand image of Kikil Si Kancil was remodeled. Instead of four-legged animals, Kiky Si Kancil turned into a mutant humanoid character with a typical Kancil face and agility. Kiky Si Kancil also later became the main character in Kiky Si Kancil comics which was published in WOW Comics in 2017.

At the end of 2018, Rickman Roedavan launched the second revised book Unity Tutorial Game Engine as well as the fantasy fiction novel The Astrajingga - The Punakawan Awakes in collaboration with Zettamind Studios.

Currently he is actively teaching at Telkom University and is involved in several creative economic development activities, specifically the digital application and game subsector with Cimahi Goverment.


Rickman Roedavan
Rikman Aherliwan Rudawan, S.T., M.Kom.
NIP 20820003
NIDN 0419068205

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